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Artificial Intelligence in Gambling: The Story of How Fantasy Became a Reality

What's an AI for a gembling?

Artificial intelligence continues to develop rapidly and is gradually being introduced into all spheres of life. What is it and how can it be used in gambling business?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in gambling.

From an academic perspective, AI generally refers to the development and creation of intelligent software. Such software is capable of learning by itself, quickly processing information and performing various tasks.

The first use of AI in games dates back to 1962, when the machine crashed into a fight with the world's best draughts player and won. It was the first system that learned right during the game and developed its abilities based on the experience gained.

At present, there are quite a few AI concepts. Conditionally, they are all divided into two groups:

  • AI using a semiotic approach;
  • AI with a biological approach.

The semiotic approach consists in copying human thinking. In the second case, algorithms arising in the process of nature's evolution, the so-called neural networks, are used. It is they who can model the intellect.

Scientists have made serious progress in the development of neural networks. It is precisely this deep machine learning that is used in the gembling-sphere. Software with artificial intelligence is used to combat gambling addiction, helps to retain regulars and solves many other problems.

Practical Developments

To date, the gambling industry is involved in several interesting and very useful developments. Not so long ago BtoBet presented a unique platform in which the artificial intelligence functions. After successful testing it started to be connected to many well-known online casinos.

The new platform independently records all the player's actions and responds to them. In this way, it is able to identify his potential needs, and thus, such a system also helps to keep the client.

The platform is designed to be behavioral. It analyzes social networks, mobile applications and many other things, which makes even the most whimsical user satisfied. The owner of such a casino gets a lot of undeniable advantages over other operators.

Curiosity and scientific duty prompted the researchers to try to apply AI in poker. This game has always attracted attention. Poker is interesting in its nature of presentation of information, it depends a lot on chance, and all the game combinations to calculate just unrealistic. The most popular type of game is considered a Texas Hold'em.

In 2015, with the help of professional players launched and tested the first full program. Then the system was created DeepStack, which played with 33 world-class players. The success rate is 492 mbb/bb. For comparison: experienced players call high even 100 mbb/bb.

The Libratus system is considered the most effective artificial intelligence. It easily won a 20-day tournament against four of the best poker players in the world.

Recently, the developed countries have begun to pay close attention to gambling. Gambling business is banned at the legislative level, which is bad for the development of gambling. Studies show that AI can be successfully used to combat gambling addiction.

Thus, a group of researchers City University London has managed to create a unique system capable of determining the prerequisites of ludomania before they become a real disease.

To develop this platform, were involved experts BetBuddy - a well-known manufacturer of casino software. As a result, it was possible to present an advanced development, capable of tracking the actions of players. AI identifies behaviors and reports "boiling points". After that, operators can block accounts for a certain time, set limits, etc.

The future is in AI's hands

Artificial intelligence is successfully used in many areas. In most cases, we don't even know what we're dealing with. But today everything that has anything to do with computer technology is directly related to AI. Its unlimited possibilities are many times greater than the human brain.

It's no wonder that the high-tech niche of iGaming has begun to actively practice new systems. The future is just around the corner.

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